Friday, April 22, 2011

Today's Meeting 4/22

Today we reflected on the Day of Silence.

Unfortunately, this day did bring up some harassment so remember...

Harassment is against the Law!

Are you being harassed because of your actual or perceived race, ethnicity, gender, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, or gender identity?

Harassment is “conduct based a protected status that is severe or pervasive, which unreasonably disrupts an individual’s education or work environments or that creates a hostile educational or work environments”. The protections cover any program or activity in a school, including extracurricular activities and student clubs.

If you or someone you know is being harassed, report this illegal activity to Mr. Autrey immediately! You may also tell a teacher, counselor or administrator.

By law, the School District is required to investigate your complaint, come up with a solution, and send you a written report no more than 60 days after they receive your complaint.

California Schools receiving state funding have a legal responsibility under law AB 537 to protect students and school employees against discrimination and harassment.
Complaints can be filed through us at:
All reports will be directly sent to Mr. Autrey!

Please gin up and share your Day of Silence story at:

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