Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Are You Ready?

Hey everyone,

At my meeting with Mr. Autrey on Monday, a striking perspective enlightened me. Would you call a colored person the "N" word? No, you would not. We should no longer idly stand by and allow people to use gay, faggot, dyke, etc.as profanity. Its ridiculous that we have to say anything to people that its inappropriate. Its even worse that we have to explain ourselves. Sexuality is not something changeable, no one simply chooses to be "one way" or "another". As an individual, the only person you can be is yourself.

Its not a privilege, its a right. We're not asking for your permission, we don't have to explain ourselves, and we certainly don't need your approval to be who we are.

We are having our regular meeting this Friday @ tutorial, BE THERE! We'll be talking about ways we can stop bullying and the use of anti-gay slurs. We would like to start posting fliers in classrooms before the end of the month. Are you ready to stand up against bullying? Then take a stand and lend a hand.

If you have any slogan, fliers, poster, or shirt ideas, please bring them to this meeting!

Also, club day is this Thursday @ lunch so please stop by, say hi, bring some friends to sign up, and grab some cookies. Hope to see you there and at Friday's meeting! :)

Liz Gustafson

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  1. Slogan ideas:
    Some people are different... Get over it

    Step up so others won't get stepped on

    Take a stand lend a hand

    Dare to be different

    Support, Report, Defend

    Think before you speak