Friday, February 4, 2011

Today's Meeting

Hello all,

Today we have our regular meeting at tutorial. Unfortunately, many members were absent due to an unexpected mandatory freshmen assembly at tutorial. Also, for those who went to Respect Rx, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and learned something. This is for all of you...

I gave a "homework assignment" which was making a blogger account (if you do not already have one) and following this blog so you can stay updated with us, even if you don't have a facebook. We also signed up new and old members who have not submitted contact information yet. Along with this was a sign up sheet for our fundraiser at the Venue on March 11. We still need help with set up, clean up, food, drinks, and door guards. If you would like to help, please leave a comment.

As a club, we talked about bullying at LGHS and how we can stop it. We had a special visitor, the president of the HPA Club, who helped lead the discussion. We came to the conclusion that bullying at LGHS is mostly verbal, in most cases directed at non-LGBT students, and typically goes unnoticed by teachers. For this reason, I am meeting with Mr. Autrey to find a resolution to end this harassment. We also decided that before the year is out, and sooner rather than later, we should find a way to speak to middle schoolers at both Fisher and CTE. This is where the harassment, both physical and verbal, starts. As highschoolers, we must be the example and set the tone so we can end bullying where it begins (and hopefully ends).

Thank you all for reading,

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