Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gay-Straight Alliance

What you don’t see in the dash is everyone we stand for. Everyone who has been picked on, pushed around, put down, and felt like they don’t fit in.

We are those who don’t fit into society’s expectations. We are every person who has fallen through the cracks and broken down because society cannot see the beauty we see.

We fear nothing because we know and love ourselves and others for who we are. There is no fight too great to win or too small to bother because together we are strong and together we are one.

We are the Gay-Straight Alliance and we are here to fight for equality and stand against every injustice that dares cross our path.

It's not just a dash. It’s our core and our meaning. It's not “just for gays” or “just for straights”, but rather, everyone who falls somewhere along those lines and between…. everyone.

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