Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Week - All about Harvey Milk!

As per usual, this Friday, we will have our meeting (but not just ANY meeting) during tutorial in room 201.

May 22 is Harvey Milk Day so in honor of this we will be learning about Harvey Milk and his significance to the gay rights movement.
Bring yours friends and enjoy the snacks!

Later in the evening, we will be hosting a free movie night dedicated to Harvey Milk!
We will be watching "The Times of Harvey Milk" in honor of his life's work.
Before we start the movie, our special guest, Simone Campbell, is going to talk about Harvey Milk and his significance today.
There will be pizza, snacks, and drinks for free.
Bring your friends for a fun time! :)


Time: 6pm-9pm (may go past 9pm)
Location: Room 201 - Los Gatos High School, 20 High School Court, Los Gatos, CA
Campus Map:

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