Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tomorrow - Last GSA meeting for the 2010-2011 school year!

This will be the last Gay-Straight Alliance meeting of the 2010-2011 school year so let’s make it a good one!
I will be bringing some yummy treats. Everyone else is welcome to bring tasty snacks as well.

To start off the meeting, we will do a quick vote for positions next year.
Positions include:
■ President: Runs and plans meetings, events, social outings, campaigns, fundraisers, etc. Also oversees club email, blog/website, facebook group, etc.
■ Vice President: Helps President with the above. Writes school announcements, posters, and spreading the word about GSA events, campaigns, etc.
■ Treasurer: Coordinates and oversees fundraisers and most importantly the funding behind it.
■ Secretary: Runs meeting sign-in sheet, completes club monthly minutes, sums up meetings for website/blog, and keeps track of the GSA schedule.
■ Baking Committee Leader: Signs up GSA members to bring snacks and coordinates meeting snacks (who brings what when).

Next we will go over the events for next year:
■ LGBT History Month – October
■ Ally Week – October 18-22
■ Transgender Remembrance Day – Sometime in November
■ No Name-Calling Week – January 23-27
■ Black History Month – February
■ Remembering Lawrence King – February 12
■ National Eating Disorder Awareness Week – Feb 20-24
■ Women’s History Month – March
■ Day of Silence – around 4/15
■ No Bullying Week – around D. of S.
■ Harvey Milk Day – 5/22
■ Pride (in who you are) Month – June

Then, we will eat cake!

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